Alpaca wool will soften by time when wearing it. The complete softness is usually acquired after a
couple of weeks of use.

Alpaca is naturally resistant to dirt and odors and will not require washing in normal use. Typically,
hanging the garment outside is enough to refresh the knit. Remember to give your knitwear a day of
rest every now and then.

If alpaca garment is stained, it is recommended that the stain is cleaned with a moist towel.
Alpaca knitwear can also be hand-washed with cool temperature. Remember to dry the garment on a flat
surface to prevent stretching.


If your garment gets creased, you can straighten it with light steaming and ironing. Snags and pulls
can be pulled inside the garment with a crochet hook.

When it comes to pilling resistance, alpaca is one of the best natural materials available. Despite
this, all natural materials can form some pilling. We recommend de-pilling the garment carefully
with sweater shaver.

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