Alpaca – fibre of the kings

Alpaca – fibre of the kings

Our two month adventure in the middle of South American forests and mountain mists was not useless: We found a rare treasure – alpaca wool. As the temperature in the mountains changed from blazing hot days to freezing cold nights, the alpaca wool knits bought from the locals kept us comfortably warm with their silky touch. It was hard to believe that such a wonderful material was unknown to so many people.

Alpaca wool is a special natural fibre that has the best qualities of soft cashmere and durable lambswool combined.

Garments made of alpaca wool feel luxuriously soft, they only get better with use and they provide excellent breathability. They feel comfortable, yet look sharp.

We use different alpaca wool types for different purposes. Fine Special alpaca has the most durable fibre, whereas Baby alpaca – referring to the finer grade of the fibre, not the baby animal – is the softest. We choose the most suitable yarn according to the structure and the tightness of the knit in order to find the perfect combination for each product.

Alpaca knits are easy to take care of and will serve you for years.

The alpacas in Peru mostly graze free and the herds are gathered for shearing. In Peru, alpacas are treated with dignity – it is culturally and historically a highly respected animal for Peruvian people, and alpacas are expensive.

In the Inca empire, alpaca wool was strictly reserved for the use of kings and royals. That is not surprising – we know that alpaca wool is softer, warmer and more durable than any other wool, and has a silky feel against the skin. It is also suitable for most people with wool allergy, because it does not contain lanolin.

Alpaca farming is more ecological than sheep or goat farming. The soft feet of alpacas do not cause erosion and they eat grass without pulling the roots.

Shearing the alpaca wool is an important part of animal care as thick fleece would cause alpacas to overheat in the summertime. Most of the animals take shearing easy, some even enjoy it. Alpaca wool is always mulesing-free.