Towards a more transparent fashion industry

Sustainability has been one of the core values of Alpa’s operations from the very beginning. Our core values are timeless design, environmental responsibility, and ethical responsibility.

These values guide all our operations from design to production. However, we are not perfect and we have an active ongoing process to recognise the parts in our operations in which we can still improve. Our approach is direct, and above all, honest.

The world does not need another luxury brand that can be reached by only a few. We exist to provide a real alternative for fast fashion: knitwear that you want to wear for the rest of your life. Our garments last for years to come, and they can be repaired if needed, instead of buying new.

In our own operations, all the energy we use is from renewable sources and is EKOenergy certified.

Suppliers and Supplier Code of Conduct

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Durable materials

We use only the best natural materials. Alpaca wool is one of the finest fibres on earth.

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Responsible production

Our knit garments are fully fashioned to ensure durability and to avoid waste. Our knitwear is produced responsibly in Northern Europe.

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Sustainable design

Distinctive knitted textures and timeless Nordic design are the essence of our style.

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Recycling the fabric

We repair and resell our used quality garments via our own second hand shop. We also reuse and recycle worn-out garments to ensure that the valuable material is not wasted.

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