About Alpa

Our story

Our two month adventure in the middle of South American forests and mountain mists was life changing: We found a rare treasure – alpaca wool.

As the temperature in the mountains was changing from blazing hot to freezing cold days, the alpaca wool knits bought from the locals kept us comfortably warm with silky touch. It was hard to believe that such a great material was so unknown for most people.

Today our mission is to give you chance to have this same moment of discovery. We bring together the best and rarest natural fibers, timeless Nordic design principles and responsible production.

Our promise

Timeless garments that stand time. Long-lasting friends.

Best natural materials

Beautiful garments have to be long-lasting and practical as well. 100 % alpaca wool ensures that every knit of ours is breathable, feels good on you and is durable. Sometimes we mix our main hero, alpaca fiber, with other high-quality natural fibers such as silk and linen for new possibilities. We want to do things the real thing: 100 % alpaca wool. Cheap, low-quality alternatives are not for us.

Timeless design

Our knits are known of the timeless design and use of beautiful, distinctive knitting textures and patterns for understated, sophisticated look.

Sustainably made

All our knits are manufactured in Lithuania with modern Stoll-knitting machines. Our beanies are made in Finland and scarves are made in Peru. We knit our garments fully fashioned whenever it is possible – fully fashioned garments are more durable and produce less waste.

Our yarns come from the homeland of alpacas, Peru, and our yarn suppliers are carefully chosen and personally visited by our team.

Fully transparent supply chain can be found from our extensive responsibility report.