Long lasting design

It's a no for fast fashion

“I work against the flow of the fashion industry by designing classic and timeless pieces. However, it does not mean that I do not follow trends.

I always start the design process of a new product by mapping current and upcoming trends to avoid elements that may not be timeless in my designs. This ensures that the pieces serve our customers over different trend cycles.”

– Designer Ainomaria Haataja

Timeless desing

”As a designer at Alpa I can create high-quality and sustainable items that reflect my own values.

I am grateful that as a designer I have enough time to develop my designs into items that have a soul as well as  thoughtfully picked details and shapes.”

-Designer Ainomaria Haataja

Made to last

We only use luxurious and high-quality materials. Our products are designed to last for years.

We do not launch seasonal collections. Instead, we launch carefully designed pieces individually or in small groups when we know that the products are ready.