Responsible production

Production countries

Our production is made by experienced professionals. All our jumpers, cardigans and knitwear dresses are made in Lithuania and beanies are made in Finland. This means that human rights and proper salaries are secured by local laws and regulations. Our scarves are made by our yarn supplier in Peru, with whom we have worked since the very beginning of Alpa’s journey in 2012.

The high-quality Marseille soap comes from France and our brushes are made in Germany.

Fibre and yarn

Alpaca is culturally and historically important animal to people in Peru. Animals are treated with special care and respect. Alpacas are expensive and they reproduce only once in a year.

The alpaca wool we use comes from a single Peruvian supplier we have worked with since 2012, the year Alpa was founded.

Avoiding material loss

Whenever possible, our knitwear pieces are made with linked, full fashioned seams. Linking method is resource efficient, makes the garments more durable, and minimizes almost all of the cutting waste.

Failed prototypes are never put to waste. Faulty pieces are disassembled back to yarn or sent to us for further product development. Even lower quality products are never taken to the landfill. Instead, we sell these pieces with a lower price on our website.