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Our repair service is available for Alpa products.

Elbow patches prevent your garment’s elbows from wear. If you use your knitwear when doing office work the elbows may wear down due to abrasion. In some of the cases, it is worth considering ordering the elbow patches when purchasing your knitwear. Patches are the best way to take care of worn elbows.

  • Protects the places that are under heaviest wear – longer life for the garment
  • The linen patches are 100% linen and the corduroy patches are 100% cotton.
  • Our leather patches are of Finnish reindeer leather. Garment with leather patches should only be washed by hand, with cool water and a mild wool detergent to prevent the dye from leather patch from spreading to knit. There is no problem getting the leather patch wet when washing but do not wash the patch. Do not rub or squeeze the patches when washing the garment, as the leather dye may come off and the garment may get colored.
  • If there is a hole in one or both elbows of your sweater, select repair from the menu in addition to the elbows.

Please make sure the knit is clean before you send it to us.

Do this:

  1. Add the elbow patches you want to the shopping cart and pay for your order. Enter the delivery address to the address to which you want the repaired garment delivered. Save your order number.
  2. Email us at info@alpaknitwear.com and we will send a form that you can attach to your package. Include a note with the package in which you clearly specify what has to be repaired.
  3. We will send the garment back to you, normally within 2-3 weeks after it has arrived to us. It is shipped to the address you provided when ordering the repair service.

Note! If you want an elbow patches on one sweater, all you have to do is buy the service once. This service includes patches for both sleeves.

When knitwear arrives to us, it is first put in freezer for a week to avoid pest-risks. This practice minimizes the risk of textile pests ending up on our premises and moving from one knitwear to another. This practice adds some time for the repairs.

You can also inquire about repair services from your local sewing shop – we will send you yarn for repair if necessary. Please contact us by e-mail if you need repair yarn for your knitwear.

Note! For off-white sweaters, we recommend linen patches. Leather spots may bleed color during the washing of the sweater.




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