Longer lifecycle

Our goal is to ensure that Alpa garments have the longest life cycle possible. That is why we have developed services supporting circularity of the garments.

Repair service

As we all know, even the best garments can show wear or need repair after heavy use. This does not mean the product’s life has ended. Most of the wear and tear can be prevented by proper maintenance and care. In any need of assistance or help, get in touch with us!

We hope that every piece of knitwear we produce will be used to its’ full potential. We offer repair services to ensure longest possible life cycle for our products.

Alpa 2nd hand

If the product you purchased from us does not get used as much as it deserves, we promise to buy it back. We give you gift card for a new purchase, wash, and repair the knit if needed and sell it via our Alpa 2nd hand concept. The value of the gift card depends on the condition of the product.