Turning the cuffs

Repair service for Alpa garments

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Turning the cuffs prolongs the life of your knitwear. If the garment has been used a lot and the cuffs have rubbed against a table or a watch, the cuffs may get thinner over time and the knitting start to unravel. Turning the cuffs is the best and the most durable way to repair worn out cuffs.


This repair prolongs the life of your knitwear and fixes any wear in the cuffs.

  • The length of the sleeve is slightly shortened during repair, about 1 - 2 cm. This depends on the degree of wear in the cuffs.
  • The cuff is reinforced with a similar coloured fabric on the inside, which adds even more durability to the knit.

Please note, upon arrival to us, all knitwear is first put into a freezer for a week to avoid pest risks. This practice minimises the risk of textile pests ending up on our premises and moving from one knitwear to another. The time for this important practice is included in the time estimate of the service above.

Please make sure that the knit you send for cuff repair is clean.

  • Shipping in 1-2 days
  • Fast shipping and free returns in EU
  • Responsible production – all knits made in EU
  • 100 % satisfaction guarantee

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