Alpa 2nd hand

Alpa 2nd Hand – A new life for a quality product

Through the Alpa 2nd Hand concept:

  • We sell used Alpa knitwear. Used garments have been repaired and washed.
    We accept used Alpa knitwear in exchange for a gift card. The value of the gift card depends on the condition of the knitwear. (See instructions below.)
  • We inspect, repair and wash the products and put them up for sale at our online store. The Alpa 2nd Hand collection is updated approximately once a month.

Condition ratings for products sold in Alpa 2nd Hand:

1st class – As good as new.
Little used. There is no visible wear. The garment is in great shape. This category also includes product samples.

2nd class – Used.
The garment is used but still looks great. There may be small unnoticeable repaired areas in the garment. There may be a small amount of wear. This category also includes products with minor manufacturing defects that have been repaired.

3rd grade – Heavily used.
The garment shows visible wear and may have been repaired in multiple areas. Still several years of use ahead!


Would you like to exchange your Alpa garment for a gift card? Read the instructions below.

Alpa 2nd Hand -instructions

Get a gift card for your Alpa knitwear!

To get your Alpa knitwear item exchanged for a gift card, please email us at

We will get back to you with instructions on how to send your knitwear to us. After receiving and inspecting the item, we will send you an email with a gift card for your next purchase.

We only accept Alpa knitwear for our 2nd Hand concept.

Please note that upon arrival, every product is stored in a freezer for a week, before the inspection. This practice minimises the risk posed by the spread of potential textile pests.

Important: We do not accept products with visible stains. Although we wash the products, there is no guarantee that all stains are removable, and we do not sell stained items. Remove any visible stains from the product before sending it to us.

Refund price list:

The value of the gift card in exchange for your product depends on the product and its condition. Check the price list to see what we can offer for your item.

See price list 〉