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We comply with GDPR

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Alpa / Alpafinlandia Inc.
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Alpa collects customer information for customer service, shipping and handling orders. Some personal information (name, shipping address, email) is required to shipping and thus placing an order.
We also collect personal information for the use of marketing.
Customer information will be handled by:
  • Alpafinlandia Oy/Inc employees
  • Infrequent third parties by our request (for example our website developer or payment service employees in problem cases) In these means the information will not be handled over for their purposes.
In addition to webstore we use information in following services:
-Email service which we use to send emails to our customers and email-list subscribers
-Customer service software for customer service emails
-Customer review software for reviews
Customer given information we store:
  • Name
  • Address, email and phone number
  • Order and return history
  • Possible failed orders
  • Needed payment details for refund (what type of payment provider did you use)
  • Comments you have given to the articles in our website
  • Your customer reviews
  • If you have joined our email-list and the email address for it


We use cookies as basically every site on the internet does.  Cookies are necessary for our webstore functions such as logging in as customer and using shopping cart. You can of course turn cookies off, but we cannot make it sure the website will function properly.

We collect the following information with the cookies:

  • The pages browsed and visiting time
  • Webstore actions (such as add to carts, purchases)
  • Browsing device

Cookies offer information to Google and Facebook, so we can target relevant advertising on these platforma. You may for example get ads of the product you have browsed in our webstore. Note: Our cookies will not affect the amount of ads you get in any of these services.

How to handle or delete collected information?

You may
–Check all the collected information
–Correct them
–Limit the use of information (for example ban our advertising)
–Reject the use of information
–Reject consent (you can for example delete the membership on our email list)
–Make a claim to officials
You can send a request for former actions by emailing to

Please note that the information can be deleted only in cases in which we have no legal obligation to continue the use of information.

Storing of information

We store order information until further notice.