Women's sweaters

No compromises. High-quality sweaters made of 100% alpaca wool – this is how we make unforgettable knitwear. We promise you will feel the difference.

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Women's sweaters

When choosing your sweater, invest in long lasting quality. High quality material is essential for making a good knit and that is why we use only 100 % natural materials in our knitwear: alpaca wool, silk and linen.

Our predominant material, alpaca wool, is soft, durable and warm. One of the best properties of alpaca wool is the exceptionally long fibre, which makes the knitwear very resistant to pilling.

We use different alpaca wool types for different purposes. Fine Special alpaca is the most durable wool, whereas finer Baby alpaca is the softest. We choose the most suitable yarn according to the structure and the tightness of the knit in order to find the perfect combination for each product.

Our knitwear is fully fashioned whenever possible, meaning that every part of a garment is knitted from edge to edge – no cutting is required. This unique manufacturing method makes the garments more durable as well as minimises cutting waste.

Sweaters made of 100 % alpaca wool are naturally dirt and stain resistant and easy to care for. In normal use, you can freshen up your alpaca garment by hanging it outside to air.

We will deliver the order in 3-4 business days to the pick-up point of your choice in Europe. Free exchange and return policy for 30 days.