Women's cardigans

Invest in long-lasting quality, experience our 100 % alpaca wool cardigans. We use only 100% natural materials in our women’s cardigans: alpaca wool, mulberry silk and linen.

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Women's cardigans

When choosing a cardigan, invest in long lasting quality. High quality material is essential for making a good knit and that is why we use only 100 % natural materials in our cardigans: alpaca wool, silk and linen.

Our most used material, alpaca wool, is soft, durable and warm. One of the best traits of the alpaca wool is the exceptionally long fiber which makes the knits very resistant against pilling.

We use different alpaca wool qualities for different purposes. Fine Special alpaca is most durable, but not as soft as the finer baby alpaca -qualities. According to knit structure and tightness of the knit we choose the most suitable yarn quality to balance the product.

Our cardigans are knitted fully fashioned most of the time which means that every part of the knitwear is knitted from edge to edge – not cut to shape. Thanks to this unique manufacturing method the cardigans are more durable and cutting waste is minimized.

The lightest silk / alpaca cardigans of our selections are well suitable for summer months. Mid-weight cardigans are most versatile: they can be used all year round both inside and outdoors.  The heavyweight cardigans drape very gracefully and are most durable but still breathable.

Cardigans made of 100 % alpaca wool are dirt and stain repellent and easy to care. In normal use you can freshen your alpaca product by hanging it outside.