Fashion revolution – Who made your clothes?



Greetings from the production

Who makes Alpa’s garments? Who is spinning the yarn?

Fashion revolution is a globally influential campaign aiming to create a more transparent and responsible clothing industry. Behind every garment is a person who manufactures it, which is too often forgotten. Fashion revolution urges to turn the spotlight on the people making the clothes and on their working conditions. The campaign began in the aftermath of the most severe factory accident in clothing industry, the collapse of Rana Plaza, where more than 1,130 worker’s lives were lost. To prevent such disasters happening ever again, it is indispensable that we involved in the clothing business are interested in the individuals who make our clothes and the conditions in which they work.

Now, let us tell you more about the people who make Alpa’s knitwear and yarn.

Production facility Garlita

Our collaboration with Garlita begun in 2016. Garlita is an innovative and modern production facility that has received awards for focusing on the well-being of their employees as well as for knitting innovations.

Since 2019, Garlita has become energy self-sufficient, generating all the energy that it needs for its own operations by solar power.

Production facility T1 Gija

Gija is Alpa’s second partner in Lithuania. The cooperation began in late 2019. Gija has a long tradition in knitwear production in Lithuania and their history dates back to 1935.

Yarn supplier Michell y Cia S.A.

We started working with Michell in 2012, when Alpa Knitwear was founded. Michell is one of Peru’s leading producers of alpaca wool and has decades of expertise in growing alpacas and processing alpaca wool. Michell was founded in 1931.

We want to be transparent and show who is involved in the production of Alpa’s knitwear.

Rana Plaza reminds us all that behind every piece of clothing there are people who deserve recognition, good working conditions and proper payment.

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