COMFY knit trousers, greige

100 % Baby alpaca

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100 % Baby Alpaca

Delightful simplicity. Comfy knitted trousers stay good looking for years to come – and what’s best, with minimal care. These remarkable 100% alpaca wool trousers are softer and smarter than jeans, but just as easy to pair with anything. Comfy are the first trousers of our collection, and maybe the last – what more could you possibly want than this ultimate comfort in style, suitable both for work and leisure?

Comfy knit trousers belong to our loungewear collection, together with the wrap cardigan Calm and the knit skirt Tulip. With its roots in harmony and tranquillity, the collection brings warm comfort and serene beauty in your life, encouraging you to linger in life’s pleasures – here and now.

  • 100 % Baby Alpaca wool. Breathable, soft and warm.
  • Full length and straight legs.
  • Comfortable elastic waist band and an opening to adjust it to your size.
  • The material softens in use and reaches its full softness after a couple of wears.
  • Normal sizing – see the size guide for more information.
  • Breathable, naturally odour and moisture resistant.
  • Responsibly produced in Northern Europe.
Color: Greige

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For our Comfy trousers, we used the same knitting technique that we invented for our knitted sweater Hoodie. It has proven to be just what we want: knitwear that is truly long-lasting and at the same time, soft on the skin.

Knitted with 100 % Baby Alpaca – a wool quality that is even finer than the regular alpaca wool – you can be sure that these trousers will keep you warm and stay good-looking for a long time. Alpaca wool being naturally odour and stain resistant, the ease of care for these trousers is unmatched.

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