TRAIL sweater, off-white – brown

100 % Alpaca wool sweater

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100 % Fine Special alpaca wool

Warmth, protection and everlasting style.

Inspired by traditional fisherman’s sweaters and their practical convenience, our Trail sweater denotes unwavering sincerity, meaningful traditions and quiet delights.

  • Supreme material – 100 % Fine Special alpaca wool
  • Robust and durable design.
  • Soft knit texture in the inner lining
  • Extremely easy to care – washing it a few times a year is enough.
  • Fully fashioned garment durable seams.
  • The material softens in use and reaches its full softness after a couple of wears.
  • Main colour: undyed and neutral with beige tones.
  • Designed in Finland, responsibly produced in Northern Europe.

The model in studio photos is 169cm, wearing the size S.

Color: Off-white

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The Trail woollen sweater has its roots in traditional fisherman's sweaters, which in their simplicity are astonishingly practical. The interlacing yarn loops, created on the inner lining as a result of stranded knitting technique, form an effectively insulating layer, making the garment even warmer and softer.

The colour pattern of the sweater depicts the dashed lines in nautical charts and trail maps – hence the name.

“I visited the Åland Maritime Museum while I was designing this sweater. There was a knit sweater of an Ålander captain Sven Erikson on display. He had worn that particular sweater when he and his wife survived a shipwreck in the English Channel in 1963. This great adventure of theirs inspired the three main colours of the Trail sweater.”

- designer Ainomaria Haataja

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