Drizzle, Black

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The long mid-weight cardigan of our collection is called Drizzle. Its inspiration comes from Scandinavian mild and pleasant summer rain.

Drizzle is designed to be optimal garment for the Scandinavian seasons.

This cardigan is knitted densely so that it does not stuck or pill. Thanks to Drizzle’s rain-like texture, it is still very breathable.

The cut is looser than our Twilight-cardigan, which makes it optimal to use in hot weather, too.

  • 100% Alpaca Wool, knitted in Northern Europe
  • Easy cut – perfect for warmer months
  • Mid-weight – durable but comfortable
  • Beautiful “rain-style” knitting pattern

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See below for measurements and size advice.

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Material: 100% Fine Special Alpaca Wool
Warm and silky-soft alpaca wool is one of the finest and most precious natural fibres on earth.

Measurements and size:

See measurement chart in the pictures.

Care: Hang outside, hand wash with cool water.

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