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ALPACA fiber is one of the finest fibers known by man on planet Earth. Harsh living conditions at thousands of meters high Andean mountains have given alpaca a unique wool with special features. The magical touch of alpaca wool is hard to describe – it just has to be experienced by yourself.

THE alpacas in Peru are mostly grazing freely and the herds are gathered together for shearing. In Peru, alpacas are treated with dignity – it is a culturally and historically very respected animal for Peruvian people, and alpacas are expensive. In the Incan empire, alpaca was strictly reserved only to be used by kings and royals. It is not surprising, as we know that rare alpaca wool is softer, more silky feeling, warmer and more durable than wool. It is also suitable for most wool-allergics.

ALPACA farming is more ecological than sheep or goat farming. Alpacas’ soft feet do not cause erosion and they eat grass without pulling its roots. Shearing is also an important part of alpaca care as thick fleece would cause alpacas to overheat in the summertime. Most of the animals take shearing easy, some even enjoy it. Alpaca wool is always mulesing-free.

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